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Kitchen Renovation

Modern day kitchen remodels have changed immensely over the years. Looking at previous designs, tremendous amounts of improvements are required to accommodate present day trends. With modern kitchens, open concept is a widely known innovative design, connecting living space with kitchens. With these trends rapidly changing, numerous upgrades are necessary to an all redesigned kitchen in your home. This includes electrical, plumbing, and HVAC to support new upgraded appliances involved in your redesigned kitchen.

With new materials coming into play, counter tops now are mostly made from Quarts, granite, and wood. These materials give a richer look to the kitchen and are more convenient for cleaning purposes. Appliances and finish materials are now more attractive to the human eye and more practical to use because they are connected to your living space. Upgraded lighting and electrical has also become a big part in kitchen renovations as well such as; Pot lights, additional outlets and lighting under kitchen counters are typical additions to even the most basic kitchen upgrade.

Our Kitchen Services Include:

  • Full Kitchen Remodels
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Kitchen Flooring
  • Kitchenettes For Basement Suites